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Sunny Paper spent 3.2 billion yuan to build 800,000-ton high-wattage projects, and the single-line c

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Project OCC pulp line and two paper machine DCS contract. It is reported that the total investment of the project is 3.2 billion yuan, the design speed of paper machines is 1250 meters/minute, the production volume is 70-110 grams, and the single-layer capacity of corrugated paper is the top three in the country.

Sunshine Paper's subsidiary, Shandong Huamai, signed a contract for an annual production of 800,000 tons of high-wavy paper projects, with a total investment of 3.2 billion yuan

Recently, Shandong Huamai Paper Co., Ltd. has signed an 800,000-ton/year high-strength corrugated paper project OCC pulp line and two paper machine DCS contracts with China National Control Technology Corporation.

Shandong Huamai Paper Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Century Sunshine Paper Group Co., Ltd. This project constructs two production paper machines (with a production capacity of 400,000 tons per year per production line), equipped with a waste paper pulp production line (86.4). Million tons), pulper, hydraulic cleaning machine, reeling machine, paper cutting machine, rewinding machine, air compressor, drying equipment, etc.

Huamai Paper's first batch of imported equipment arrived

The total investment of the project is 3.2 billion yuan. After it is completed, it will reach the production capacity of 800,000 tons/year high-grade corrugated base paper and it will be a large pulp and paper production line. The project has a complex control scheme, advanced control strategies, and a large scale of control. Central Control provides DCS design, supply, commissioning and services. Recently, the project has been officially approved by the local EPA and is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2018.

The paper machine design speed is 1250m/min, the production quota is 70-110g, and the corrugated paper single-thread capacity is the top three in the country.

Shandong Huamai Paper Co., Ltd. imported two paper machines from Voith, Germany, with a mesh width of 8150mm, a production capacity of 70 to 110g/m2, a design speed of 1250m/min, and a single line capacity of corrugated paper. The top three in the country.

China Controlled Company and Honeywell, ABB, Siemens and many other domestic and foreign friends and merchants launched the same-segment competition. Central Control's various departments cooperated and cooperated with Shandong Huamai Paper actively, relying on the reliability and stability of the ECS-700 system. With ease of use, the olive branch was eventually awarded to Zhonghua.

The successful signing of the project achieved a strong alliance between Zhongguan and Century Sunshine's two ethnic companies, and it took another big step towards creating a national brand in China, and was also a typical application of a domestic DCS system on large-scale corrugated paper machines. Controlled continuous development of large-scale papermaking equipment application innovation strategy created conditions. Central Control will also concentrate its resources on superiority and strive to make this project an industry benchmark and create value for customers.

This project will make up for the shortcomings of Sunshine Paper's corrugated production capacity, making it a giant in the corrugated market in Shandong.

Sunlight Paper's exclusive patent for light-coated white-faced cattle paperboard has developed into a leading company in the domestic (light-coated) white-faced cattle paperboard segment. The new 800,000-ton high-wattage project complements the corrugated production capacity and strengthens the vertical integration. Management pattern. The company passed Weifang Dahuan Recycled (waste paper recycling), Shengshi Thermoelectricity (Power), Xinmai Paper and Huamai Paper (papermaking), Shanghai Wang's Industrial (preprint) and Shenyi Logistics (Logistics Distribution) The company completed a complete set of processes to further enhance economic efficiency and core competitiveness.

Shandong Wazhao project has obvious advantages in location. Both Shandong and Guangdong provinces are major papermaking provinces. According to the statistics of the Paper Association, the output of paper and paperboard in Shandong and Guangdong in 2016 was 18.5 million tons and 18.4 million tons, respectively. Unlike Guangdong, where large packaging paper companies such as Xiaolong and Libeng compete together, Shandong has more cultural paper production capacity. It simply deducts Chenming and Huatai's production capacity, and Shandong's packaging paper production capacity is less than 10 million tons, which is a lack of market segment giants. This will ensure smooth production of this part of Sunshine Paper.

Shandong Century Sunshine Paper Group Co., Ltd. was established at the end of 2000 and listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007. It is a large-scale domestic paper group. There are 8 subsidiaries including Xinmai Paper, Huamai Paper, Shanghai King's Industry, Shengshi Thermoelectricity, Weifang Dahuan Recycling Resources, Shenyi Logistics, U.S. Sunshine Concept Packaging, and Sunshine Prince (Shouguang) Specialty Paper. The leading position in the paper industry segment in China has become the largest production base with the highest production capacity and the highest level of product quality for high-grade packaging paper such as China's white-faced cattle paperboard and coated white-faced cattle paperboard, and the world's most advanced pre-production. Printing product base, ranking China's top 16 papermaking, 100 world papermaking.