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Abrupt growth of cultural paper prices, leading companies have strong pri

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In recent days, a number of cultural paper companies have issued price-raising letters one after another. Some companies have even sent price increases to May and June. According to the reporter, the large-scale stocking of autumn teaching materials, the serious distribution of publishers, and the lack of supply of social orders are the main reasons for the rise in this round of cultural paper. In addition, as 80% of the cultural paper raw materials rely on wood pulp, raw material prices continue to rise. , It also led to the rise of cultural paper prices.

Price increase letter sent to May and June

On April 12, according to statistics, a number of cultural paper companies issued price-raising letters, and many companies' price-raising letters have been issued until May and June. DabEy since June 1, double A's full range of product copy paper prices, from Bangkok, Thailand, the departure of the container by 200 yuan / ton. From May 1st, Asia Pacific Sumbo, the price of processing and copying paper products was raised by RMB 200/t. From May 1st on APP, prices of copy paper products (including imported products) will be adjusted upwards.

"This round of cultural paper prices has risen sharply, mainly due to the fact that the publisher has diverted most of its production and the supply of social orders has been insufficient." Experts told reporters that in March the traditional peak season of cultural papers began, and the fall teaching materials began to be stocked on a large scale. Compared with previous years, the ordering period of the publishers in 2018 was somewhat advanced. Some publishers signed a supply contract with the paper mills in January, and they are now entering a centralized delivery period.

In addition, high raw material pulp prices are also a major reason. According to the latest quotation, the bleached coniferous pulp is about RMB 6,900/ton, the bleached hardwood pulp is about RMB 5,900/ton, the bamboo pulp is about RMB 6,000/ton, the sugarcane pulp is about RMB 5,200/ton, and the reed pulp is about RMB 5,000/ton. The annual increase in leaf pulp and broadleaf pulp is as high as 50%. Due to the fact that the amount of paper pulp used in culture paper is as high as 80%, under the circumstances of strong demand and the upward movement of raw materials, it is more efficient to pass on corporate cost.

For the market outlook, experts said that in the next two years, the new capacity for international pulp production will be limited, and the price increase for wood pulp products will continue to be sustainable.

Leading companies benefit

Benefiting from the increase in the price of paper products, in the first quarter of 2018, the performance of cultural paper-related listed companies continued to be outstanding.

Taking Yueyang Forest Paper as an example, the company recently announced the performance forecast for the first quarter of 2018. It is expected that the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company will reach 140 million to 150 million yuan, an increase of 8.7 times to 10 times. The company said that the main reason for the significant growth in the first quarter was that the company had a production capacity of 850,000 tons of cultural paper, and the prosperity of the cultural paper industry. The continued increase in the price of wood pulp pushed up the price of paper, and the company had a large capacity of self-supply of wood pulp. The advantage of cost structure allows the company to obtain excess returns.

The rise in the prices of cultural papers has also made listed companies more optimistic about cultural paper projects. Taking Chenming Paper as an example, the announcement revealed that the company’s 400,000-ton chemical pulp project, 510,000-ton advanced cultural paper project, and Huanggang Chenming 300,000-ton pulp project were steadily advanced as planned. The company stated that after the above projects are put into production, they will play a very important role in enhancing the sustainability of the company's development and promoting the realization of corporate strategic goals.