Rural California, it's time for change.

Rob Rowen
CA Senate

Today, we find ourselves in an era of "big money" and corporate influence in politics. For too many years, this district has been represented by individuals who put party politics ahead of of what is best for the people.

Now is the time to elect a someone who will put people ahead of partisan politics.

Take back control of your future.  Vote for Rob Rowen, a moderate voice for all of the people of this district.
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I am a 51 year old moderate Democrat and a lifelong resident of rural California.  I know the people and the issues. I am ready to go to work for you and return rural California to a place  where our children can live, work, and thrive.  Under the representation of our current Senator, our children have become this districts biggest export; electing me will ensure that they are once again our greatest asset.

Biomass & Fire Reduction

Creating Jobs

  • We must elect a Senator who is willing to work with the Legislature.

  • This district  has a dire need for living wage jobs. We need to strengthen our unions and create good paying jobs. It all starts with effective representation.

  • This district has the potential to utilize biomass, solar, and wind to drive a green energy economy. With the right leadership, this district can lead California as we move toward a green economy.

  • Ted Gaines has had 8 years to bring effective change to this district, he has failed. Now is the time for a new voice, one that will return this district to an era of prosperity and economic growth.
  • We can no longer ignore the extreme conditions we find in our forested regions. With the devastation caused by severe drought and beetle infestation, our forests are a disaster waiting to happen.

  • While some see this as tragic, I see opportunity. Biomass is the solution to several of our problems. We need biomass to reduce the fuel load in our forests. This will create construction jobs, plant operator jobs, jobs clearing the fuel and jobs delivering the fuel.

  • Biomass will produce electric energy that will offset the cost of these proposed plants. With effective leadership, we can overcome any regulatory issues with the PUC and any objections from PG&E.  By 2030, 50% of our energy in California must come from renewable sources; wind, solar, hydro, and biomass. The time to act is now, and I will lead on this issue.

  • We must return our forests to a healthy state; healthy forests sequester more carbon, they hold more water, and the severe wildfire threat we face each and every summer is greatly reduced. This is a win-win for our district.

High Speed Internet

  • Most rural California communities do not have access to  Internet that is adequate for 21st century businesses. Unless Rural California can acquire greatly improved access, we cannot attract new businesses or expect existing businesses to compete effectively.

  • Getting and continually improving adequate Internet access is frequently not economically feasible for Internet service providers. State and local government, working together with providers can overcome this problem. This approach worked for achieving universal electrical and telephone service. It can work for Internet service as well.

  • This can succeed only if our representatives can work cooperatively within their respective legislative bodies. But our current leaders seem more committed to their ideological purity than to solving problems through cooperative effort.

  • I promise that I will devote my efforts to finding solutions that  can be achieved by working with urban Democrats, rural Republicans and any others who, like me, are committed to finding real solutions to our problems.


  • Our rural region is home to some of the most beautiful destinations in the state. We must improve our infrastructure so that our communities can maximize the economic benefit from tourism dollars.

  • While creating jobs, our infrastructure modernization and repair will insure that we have economic opportunities for years to come. We can accomplish this and so much more by electing a Senator from our region that will do more than vote the "party line."

  • My one promise to each and every citizen in this district is that I will vote for what is in the best interest of my constituency, with the clear understanding, that I fully support the freedom of individual choice, equality under the law, and a level playing field for all citizens.  
Common Sense over Status quo
A voice for rural California
We Need:

  • A representative who will advocate and vote for legislation that improves the lives of our rural citizens.

  • Common sense and engaged representation instead of party  politics, which do nothing but continue the status quo.

  • Working across party lines,  we can develop effective solutions that improve the lives of all of our citizens.

  • Our elected representative must insure that we provide the services owed to our veterans.

  • We must ensure that our seniors are afforded the dignity to live out their golden years with security and access to quality healthcare. 
  • We must have effective representation for all of rural California; putting our collective needs above party politics and using common sense and practical solutions in solving our issues.

  • While climate change threatens the future of our nation, rural California has solutions to offer.  We have the resources to attract "green" businesses and start-ups.

  • Imagine rural California taking the lead in fostering one of our fastest growing economic sectors: green technologies and businesses.  We have abundant biomass fuel, and we are the second sunniest area in the nation. Our district could become the home of biomass manufacturing and solar research.

  • How do we accomplish these goals?  With representation in Sacramento that is willing to work with, not against the Legislature. We need a voice that can put a face to the issues and needs of this district, and I am that voice.

Rob Rowen for Senate

A citizen representing citizens; listening to citizens and then fighting for our rural issues.

A platform that works for rual California: paid for by Rowen for Senate. FPPC # 1383776
Endorsed by: California Teachers Association, Sacramento Central Labor Council, Nevada County DCC, Shasta County DCC, Shasta County Democratic Women's Club, Northeastern California Building & Construction Trades Council, Nevada County Democratic Club, United Commercial Food Workers Local 8, IBEW Local 340, League of Humane Voters, Cal Labor Federation, 5 Counties Labor Council,  

  • Our region is hurting and no one is working to stop the pain.

  • Over the past 40 plus years, rural California has endured some hard times.  We have seen a great decline in our timber and mining industries, while low-paying service sector jobs have taken the place of many of our living wage jobs.

  • Those of us who call rural California home share the feeling that we are often ignored in Sacramento. While the rest of the state has seen growth in income and opportunity, rural regions throughout the state have been left behind.

  • The time for change is at hand.  With your help, I can be the voice of change for this region.

  • I am a former professional baseball player,  a veteran, a private business owner, a father and grandfather; I am truly one of you. I have an unrelenting drive to address the issues that are important to rural residents:  jobs, infrastructure, education, healthcare, water, fire, high-speed Internet, and the protection of our rural way of life.

  • Please join me in ushering in a new era in Sacramento - an era of reason and effective advocacy for all of the people of our region.
  • Senate District 1 has suffered long enough.  We have endured year after year of ineffective representation. The time is at hand to elect a Senator who is willing and able to work with Sacramento in addressing the issues that face our district.

  • Regardless of political affiliation, the job of every elected official is to work for the people.  Instead, we are forced to endure leadership that is beholden to both party politics qnd corporate influence.

  • The truth is simple:  Rural California is failing.  We  either change our leaders or continue to fail.

  • I am an outsider; a moderate Democrat who understands what is important, to all of you. I will work for you, the people of this district, beholden to no one and  dedicated to improving the lives of the people I represent.

  • The time is now.  This district must elect a representative that will do what is best for this district.  I am that person.  Electing Rob Rowen will protect your future and the future of generations to come.

  • As your Senator, I will fight to protect our water, I will work to develop a practical solution to utilize our natural resources, and I will fight to ensure our small businesses are not being forced out of business. We need common sense solutions to real issues, not partisan rhetoric or party politics.

  • The only way to change how rural California is represented is by changing who we elect to represent us. Repeating the same thing over and over expecting different results is the definition of insanity. The time has come to elect someone who is not part of the machine, someone who has not been tainted by special interests. That someone is Rob Rowen, a lifelong rural resident who will champion our issues and fight for the people of this district.